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他 對 我 說,  我 的 恩 典 夠 你 用 的 And he said to me, My grace is enough for you.

Real Estate in Sai Kung, Clear Water Bay & Silverstrand

西貢, 銀線灣, 清水灣村屋別墅買賣租售:

Total 327 Sai Kung Properties in record for sell or lease, 共 327項西貢村屋, 別墅, 放盤租售:  Page 1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8,  9,  10,  11,  12,  13,  14,  15,  16,  17,  18,  19,  20,  21,  22,  23...

Deluxe Full Sea View House Ref #327

Villa house includes a large terrace and rooftop, breathtaking views of sea and coastline in Silverstrand, close to beach, 3 mins drive to MTR. 4 bedrooms, parking space, spacious airy, morden decoration. Asking $80K.

銀灣全幢全海景, 特大四房大廳, 西式靚裝, 近沙灘, 三分鐘到地鐵, 租80,000.

Floral Villas in Sai Kung Ref #326

Prestigious development with stunning picturesque views in Sai Kung. Rarely available apartment with full sea view, modern newly renovated, parking, club facilities, communal swim pool, shuttle bus services. Asking HK$38K.

西貢早禾居, 銀幕式遼闊海景, 泳池, 球場, 車位, 接駁專巴, 新裝, 租38,000.

Clear Water Bay Charming House Ref #325

Serene environment with lots of green and trees surrounding this 2 storery house in Clear Water Bay. Spacious living and dining area, 4 bedrooms, terrace, open green view, parking, communal swim pool. Asking $78K.

清水灣, 開揚翠綠環抱, 花園泳池車位, 四房雙廳, 鳥語花香, 租78,000.

Silverstrand Villa for Lease Ref #324

Panoramic sea views at Silverstrand offers unique opportunity in a prime oceanfront location. Private garden with 3 bedrooms, covered parking spaces, easy public transportation. For rent asking $103K

銀線灣優閒尊貴豪宅, 單邊全海景, 靚裝三房, 近路方便, 租103,000. 

Clear Water Bay Garden House Ref #323

Beautiful gated private garden in Clear Water Bay, fully detached house with 4 bedrooms, modern decoration and very well maintained. Open plan kitchen fully fitted. Expats area. Asking for lease $52K.

清水灣私閘大花園, 四面單邊, 全幢品味裝修, 靚廚房, 租52,000. 

Sai Kung La Caleta Ref #322

Brand New Development in Sai Kung, private gate, 4 bedrooms, 5 minutes drive to Sai Kung Town, Academy International School Campus, spacious layout with private garden and parking spaces. Asking $68K.

西貢黃竹灣最新大型屋苑, 臨海地段, 豪華裝修, 車泊門口, 租68,000.

Best Price Newly Renovated Ref #321

Village house fully detached, newly renovated all brand new fittings installed. Corner house with open greenery view, private garden & rooftop. Spacious kitchen, 4 bedrooms, living room plus family room. Asking $58K.

清水灣單邊花園, 開揚翠綠, 全幢時尚靚新裝修, 四房雙廳, 租58,000.


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