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Real Estate in Sai Kung, Clear Water Bay & Silverstrand

西貢, 銀線灣, 清水灣村屋別墅買賣租售:

All properties in Sai Kung, Clear Water Bay and Silverstrand in record for sell and for lease 所 有 西 貢, 清 水 灣, 村 屋 別 墅, 放 盤 買 賣 租 售: Page 1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8,  9,  10,  11,  12,  13,  14,  15,  16,  17,  18,  19,  20,  21,  22,  23,  24,  25......

Village House for Lease Full Sea View Ref #175       

Seldem on market village house at Lobster Bay Road, expat neighborhood, fully detached house with unobstructed full sea view. 4 bedrooms, combined living and dining with fully fitted kitchen, asking $85K. 清水灣全獨立村屋, 私家花園, 車泊門口, 浪漫全海景, 靚裝寬敞主人房, 租85,000.

Stylish Brand New Interior Design Ref #121

Brand new renovated villa house in Clear Water Bay, high ceiling headroom make it very bright and airy, private garden, rooftop, parking for up to 4 cars, club facilities, shuttle bus services. Asking $58M/ Lease $150K. 西貢柏濤灣至尊豪宅, 特大五房雙廳, 可泊多車, 接駁專巴, 靚裝, 售5800萬/ 租150,000.

Silverstrand House for Lease Ref #128

Hidden holiday retreat. This villa house situted near Silverstrand beach, providing huge lawned garden and private swim pool. Spacious layout 4 bedrooms (3 en suites), partial sea view, greenery surrounding. Asking $110K. 銀線灣全獨立別墅屋, 開揚山海, 罕有特大花園, 私家泳池, 浪漫私隱極度難求, 租110,000.

The Giverny Sai Kung Property Ref #126

Peaceful environment with attractive greenery mountain view, Large dinning & sitting area, high ceiling, modern interior design 2 storey house, Private garden, communal swim pool, gym, security, asking $26.8M, rent $68K 西貢溱喬, 開揚翠綠山景, 寬敞主人房, 會所泳池, 高樓底, 售2680萬/ 租68,000.

Silverstrand Villa Luxurious Decoration Ref #119

Luxurious decor with a grand feeling for banquet and social gathering, covered parkings, stunning full sea view, 4 bedrooms with high ceiling headrooms, communal swim pool, 3 mins drive to MTR station. Asking $68M/ rent $125K. 鄰近著名銀灣泳灘, 新穎亮麗品味設計, 四房, 醉人全海景, 售6800萬/ 租125,000.


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